• Andrew Lloyd Andrew Lloyd bio

    Born just south of Dallas, and true to his Texas roots, Andrew M. Lloyd fights proudly for families and justice. He exemplifies the attitude contained in the phrase - Don’t mess with Texas! He doesn’t let people mess with his clients, either. Big government and belligerent litigators threaten his clients’ lives, so he defends them. He’s a negotiator by birth and an attorney by trade, whose ultimate prowess and skill lie in the courtroom. He’s tenacious, witty, intelligent, and scrappy. With a nickname like "Texas Spanker," what else would you expect?

  • Devon DuPuy Devon DuPuy bio

    Devon DuPuy was born in Odessa, Texas, a proud Texan with deep roots in the Lone Star State. Those who know Devon will be quick to tell you that he has much in common with the ideals that have made Texas a world icon. That unique blend of Southern manners and civility mixed with the brash cowboy spirit that won the West lends itself to an aggressive style of litigation that ensures his client’s voice rings loud and clear in the courtroom. This experience and force of personality has led to multimillion dollar awards for Devon’s clients.

You need an honest lawyer and real answers. You want the right person at the right price. This is your life we're talking about. This is NOT a game. Let's get you back in it!

Real Results Don't Require Overbilling

At Lloyd & DuPuy in Denton, we stand out from our peers because we truly care about people. And since we are strong believers in the old saying that actions speak louder than words, we show that we care, rather than just say it. We show it by sitting down and listening to you, by learning about your needs and by working hard to provide real results.

Our attorneys are loyal to your best interests, not our pocketbooks. Our commitment is to helping you overcome your legal challenge so you can get on with your life, not nickel and diming you out of your hard-earned money at every step of the legal process.

There Is A Difference Between The Law And Justice

Every day, greedy businesses, big government and belligerent litigators threaten peoples' core values — life, liberty and property. These enemies often hide behind the law, but there is a big difference between the law and justice.

Is it justice for an insurance company to withhold money for medical care from a serious injury victim? Is it justice for the government to take someone's kids away and not give them back for months? Is it justice for prosecutors to throw the book at someone who simply made a mistake or got in trouble due to addiction? We don't think so, and we've dedicated our careers to preventing the scales of justice from tipping in the wrong direction.

The law is there for a reason, but we will not let people get run over. We will see that justice is served, whether through negotiation or taking your case to trial and letting a jury see the truth of the matter. We serve justice, and we do so with boldness, honor and integrity.

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