Divorce Doesn't Have To Drain Your Bank Account

When you sit down and take a look at what you want out of your divorce, it probably isn't a lot. You want to end your marriage. You want to protect your relationship with your child. You want to keep your fair share of the marital property. That's not much, right? So why should it cost an arm and a leg? It shouldn't, provided you have a skilled lawyer on your side.

Every Decision In Your Divorce Comes With A Cost

At Lloyd & DuPuy in Denton, we are dedicated to handling your divorce as efficiently as possible, protecting your best interests without draining your bank account.

Here's how we keep your cost down: You can look at the divorce process as a series of decisions. Every decision comes with a cost. Choice A, Choice B and Choice C all come with different dollar amounts attached.

It's easy to let emotions rule when making decisions, but a good attorney won't let you do that. A good attorney will help you review your choices carefully. A good attorney will come to the table with information about the law, insight into what each choice will look like and maybe even new choices you hadn't thought of. A good attorney will already know your goals, so he or she can tell you which choice truly matches your goals. You'll also know the financial impact of each choice. And you'll get the cost savings that comes with making the right choice the first time around and not having to backtrack and try again.

Combine all that with the fact that we are not the sort of family law firm where our attorneys sit around adding up every second spent on your case to nickel and dime our way to the most billable hours, and you have yourself a recipe for real results that don't cost an arm and a leg.

The Experience To Handle The Most Complex Divorce Cases

Some people think that if they've got a complicated divorce case, they can throw out all hope of getting through it without breaking the bank. That's just not the case, at least as far as our law firm is concerned. We have a proven record of taking on extremely difficult cases and getting positive outcomes. We encourage you to let us review your case if:

  • You are concerned about protecting your relationship with your child and you suspect your spouse is a danger, or is attempting to alienate you from your child.
  • You are considering moving away with your child, or your spouse has threatened to take your child out of state and you want to stop the move
  • You think your spouse may be hiding income in order to impact child support, spousal support or division of property
  • The property involved includes multiple real estate holdings, businesses or business interests, investment accounts, art or antique collections, and other unique assets

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