Arrested On A Drug Charge?

You're worried about your future. Are you going to have to go to jail? Are you going to be fined? What will your criminal record look like if you're convicted? You have good reason to worry. Perhaps the evidence against you seems as solid as a rock. However, an experienced attorney can make that rock crumble, leaving prosecutors empty-handed.

The Fight Against Drug Offenses Starts With An Investigation

At Lloyd & DuPuy in Denton, we know better than to take the evidence in a drug crime at face value. It may not have even been collected legally. That's one of the first things we'll look at when investigating your case. How did police obtain the evidence? Was there a traffic stop? If so, was it conducted properly? Did the police have the right to search your car? Perhaps there was an investigation and police raided your home. Was the warrant in order? You might be surprised at the frequency of illegal search and seizures by law enforcement.

If we determine that a mistake was made, we will push to have evidence thrown out. This will weaken the prosecution's case against you. It may even lead to the case being dismissed.

It's possible that the search and seizure was by the book. There are other issues to investigate. How reliable are the witnesses? Was the car or home even owned by you? Could the drugs have belonged to someone else? Is the illegal substance even what the police say it is, and are the measurements right? With every question asked comes another opportunity to find a flaw in the prosecution's case, to show that they haven't done their job or done it right, and to make sure you're not steamrolled by overzealous prosecutors.

Trial Lawyers = Ready To Fight

We're realistic. We know that most criminal law cases are negotiated. We'll strive to get you the best deal. But what happens when a good deal isn't put on the table, even when it should be, even when justice requires it? That's when a fight is necessary. We are trial lawyers with more than a decade of courtroom advocacy under our belts. We've proven our ability to fight, and prosecutors know it. If they won't see that justice is done, they will face us in court.

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